Fiona Kernaghan

I’ll let you in on a something. I’ve been doing an online marketing course. You see, I’ve been wanting to learn how to spread the word about my music and my new album about to come out.

Anyway, one of the lessons I’m up to in the course I’m doing says I’m supposed to create a “free challenge” to offer my network. My “network” being the nice people like yourself who are interested in my stuff. Apparently this is a way of inviting you into my world, to see what I offer. If you like the free stuff you might one day make a purchase kinda thing. But here’s the thing… I’m not actually very interested in figuring out how to inspire you to spend money.

It’s important to mention here that this “challenge” (in the course I bought) has good intentions and is meant to help me help you solve a problem or feel better about something. Well yeah, my music could indeed do that – say to help you relax if you’re stressed out, for example. But the things is,.. I don’t actually wanna challenge you to anything.

Aren’t we already all “challenged” enough with work, family, hobbies, relationships, self improvement plans, new year’s resolutions, endless “to do” lists and on and on?.. Maybe offering a free challenge or course to potential clients and supporters works for some businesses. Studious or motivational types, perhaps? >insert sigh here< lol. Me,.. I think I’ll skip it.

I will offer you something here, though. Something you don’t have to sign up for or even be accountable for. I offer you this suggestion:

You are already fine. Better than fine. You are already good enough – in every way. So relax. Just be you. Better yet. Just BE.