“U.S based Kernaghan, the quiet achiever of the Oz music clan, has spent much of her career as a songwriter for hire – this her second album of grown up pop – high on melody and insight, light on “twang” is more personal than a tattoo: Secrets Of The Flesh has an epic emotional flow that wouldn’t have been lost on Sheryl Crow’s great Globe Sessions.”
“Shadow Wine and Truth Lilies” album review – 

“Fiona is a good friend and a leader of Australia’s growing community of talented musicians in the United States. Fiona’s prolific writing of hit songs in her home country of Australia and more recently in the US is something to be very proud of. I look forward to hearing more of Fiona’s many and varied pending successes in this industry.”
TRENT BLACKET, Head of ROAR Asia Pacific (Los Angeles).

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Fiona. She rocks!…”

“Fiona’s songwriting has depth while retaining a solid pop sensibility. Her melodies and lyrics spark the imagination.”
SUE DREW,  former Senior Vice President Creative Services ASCAP Los Angeles. 

“Fiona’s musical talents, in both writing and singing, formed an integral part of the success of our feature film “Shadows Of The Past”. I’m looking forward to working with her again.”
WARREN RYAN, feature film producer, “Shadows Of The Past”.

“Fiona is a great songwriter and human spirit. I know that anyone who will take the time to listen to her will discover that for themselves.”
TINA ARENA, multi platinum selling recording artist.

“Fiona is an awesome singer & songwriter. She has great pop rock sensibilities and uses interesting chord changes which totally makes her a unique and exciting artist.”
TYRONE NOONAN, recording artist.

“Great songs! Great playing! Great hooks!”

I’ve said to Lee teasingly, that Fiona is my favorite Kernaghan because she is wild as the hills and you never know what she is gonna do next, but she is a very, very intelligent girl. I love them all. I think they’re a fantastic family.
JAMES BLUNDELL, platinum selling award winning recording artist. 


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