Seeking Friends For The End Of The World As We Know It



Just like we can never step into the same river twice, everything we create causes a little death and then, re-birth. The exchange of ideas between authors and readers is a conversation co-creating new realities. How would you like yours to be?

I write because the world is full of wonder begging to be captured. Having explored my own darkness and unmasked many a monster, I am interested in the pivotal moments and events in life that bring to light our sensual, loving, adventurous selves.

I am interested in stories that inspire us to see and feel in new ways. I believe in the power of yes, and that Goethe was right when he said boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

While my blogs, Create An Enchanted Life and The Song Mistress, are conversational, my fiction is descriptive.  You’ll find tight focus on delicious details. You’ll also find liberal use of metaphors – that, in the tradition of Spanish Magical Realists, may even be taken literally. The Voluptas Butterfly reads like a poem in that way.

Although my stories are short, I invite you to slow down, linger, luxuriate… We humans are privileged to enjoy language and imagery. Both resonate with messages that sing to the subconscious. In my writing you will find inanimate objects are alive: that Jasmine blossoms have feelings and thoughts, and sea kelp is quite aware that it likes to dance–with the tide or mystical creatures… but more about that later!

Astrologically, I am an earth sign – a Taurus with a Sole Dispositor in Venus. You may already be grinning at that. Or this may be a good time to reveal that I have an irreverent sense of humor, I am an expert pleasure seeker, and that I like to graft beautiful, imagined things to the “real” and often imperfect world we live in, hence my love of magical realism and urban fantasy.

If any of that strikes a chord with you… I am thrilled! You may be my reader! I’d love to hear from you, and to know where in the world some of my songs and stories have landed. Thank you for taking an interest in my work and what you’ve found here. I hope it brings you sustenance for the road ahead, and finds you glad we traveled some of it together.


 Coming soon! 

Excerpts from…

The Voluptas Butterfly: an unusual romance from “Beguiling” – a collection of Urban Fantasy short stories and songs for the magically minded.  

And Now, Something For Your Most Important Sexual Organ…


Robert Doisneau, 1948. "Almost every form of art was looked down upon and judged at one point. Open your eyes and your mind."

Robert Doisneau, 1948. “Almost every form of art was looked down upon and judged at one point. Open your eyes and your mind.” Tache Magazine.

How long has it been since you had a conversation that, well… thrilled you? I was lucky to have one last night with Red Dodge, the visionary Executive Director of Tache Magazine. Things are revving up in anticipation of Tache’s tricked out launch issue in May, and I’m psyched to be writing a feature article for it!

The launch issue will include interviews with Slash and Duff from Gun And Roses, innovative fashion spreads inspired by, and for, those of us living in the real world, plus loads of juicy and intellectually stimulating editorial still under wraps. Should be fun.., ’cause you know – the most important sex organ IS the brain, right?.. lol.

Anyway, it’s fair to say I’m cerebrally intoxicated by the lifestyle, attitude and culture Tache supports. Not just another glossy, beauty mag – and dare I say smarter than Inked, I suspect Tache is the readable equivalent to that impossibly stylish person you admire who turns up at the coolest gigs, doesn’t brag about their Master’s Degree, and makes a Martini to disrobe to.


For a sneak peek of their vibe, here’s some of Tache’s recent tweets:

“Life doesn’t impersonate art, life is art. The way that we express ourselves is an expression of how we live our lives and our creative side. Never limityourself to what you believe is possible.” 

“After producing The Director, a documentary about Gucci designer Frida Giannini, do-everything guy, JamesFranco, is back to direct a new Gucci eyewear video. Titled #Techno #Color#Sunglasses, the video was filmed at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and stars Franco himself alongside model Natalia Bonifacci. They both wear Gucci’s colorful new frames and instantly engage in a romantic pursuit. The vibe is cool and retro, with washed-out colors, classic cars, and plenty of Hollywood glamour.” Style summed it up!

“Almost every form of art was looked down upon and judged at one point. Open your eyes and your mind.”


Available in print, and digitally on iTunes world wide, Tache is an innovative, high end fashion publication that embraces the marriage of style, art, expression , uniqueness and fashion. Tache’s official site is coming soon, meanwhile, for sweet deals and the hottest news follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


If you like this you may also enjoy my other two blogs: The Song Mistress and Create An Enchanted Life.  Preview and purchase my short stories and music on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes worldwide.  



The Voluptas Butterfly – Coming Against The Odds


The Voluptas Butterfly by Fiona Kernaghan coming soon to Amazon and Kindle - beta cover mock up by Mirella Santana

The Voluptas Butterfly by Fiona Kernaghan coming soon to Amazon and Kindle – beta cover mock up by Mirella Santana

Between songwriting and recording sessions I’ve been pleasantly immersed in finishing one of my short stories. After leaving it a while I was shocked to think I sent a rough to my mom (it’s a smidge erotic) and pleased to be drawn back in by it. I might be on to something…

“The Voluptas Butterfly” is an urban fairy tale that explores an unlikely love, physical attraction and the power of desire to transcend commonly held ideas of what’s possible. A trusted beta reader and successful indie author told me it’s very much in the style of Spanish magical realists. That was an unexpected compliment! 

Having not released anything like this before it’s hard to know who my readers may be  and who would enjoy this kind of writing most. How does one figure that out?.. hmm. Anyway, I’ll keep working on the cover layout, post some excerpts soon and hope you enjoy!


Happy Free Download Friday!

Free Download logo-2

Happy FREE DOWNLOAD FRIDAY! To say THANK YOU for your follows, “likes”,  friendship – and support on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes all over the world this weekend only a brand new song, “Still With You”, is available as a free download. Here’s a link to where you can grab it from Soundcloud. Feel free to share. :))

Thanks again! And I hope you like it!

Still With You - lyric

The past only bleeds when the second hand moves

I only remember when the sun comes through

And the stars come out and the world goes ‘round

Again I can’t pretend


In a wrinkle in time

In a thunder clap I



I’m still with you

Unyielding and true

Living every moment

On repeat I can’t undo

The ties that bind us two

I’m still with you


What if the planets could realign

And alter everything what might we find?

Would you reach once more – take that fall

Again and change the end?


In a wrinkle in time

In a heartbeat I



Like a desert’s whispered kiss

Can you feel this wish?



















Letting It Come Through Me

FK on mic 1

A quick post on the site this week – from back in the studio recording vocals on all these new songs! They’re mostly kinda poignant, hopeful ballads so I’ve been channeling memories of my Nan who passed away a while back, and thinking about how we’re all connected in this awesome human organism on our tiny blue pearl hurtling in space.

I’ve been singing and recording for more than twenty years but even now I still think it’s a bit weird hearing myself in the “cans” (the headphones) through a good mic that captures everything. Sometimes I’m like “Who is that?” and am shocked when I realize it sounds good. Pretty funny, hey. Other times I get caught up in thinking I need to try harder or make more of an effort because this is so important and all that – but I find the best takes by far come from when I stay really centered and super relaxed and just let it come through me.

I’ll post some of what we’ve been working on soon!

Thanks, Saraswati.


Once I put the request in to my subconscious or the powers that be or wherever songs come from there’s no letting up. It’s like turning on a tap I can’t turn off.  So I haven’t been sleeping this week. I type lyrics into my phone all night instead.

Of the twenty or so new ideas courting me, this morning one was very insistent. I could hear the whole melody in tact so I finally got up about six to shut it up. Creeping across the living room the bright fluorescent pink sunrise was amazing and something I rarely see. Who knew? Anyway, I got my laptop and guitar out, sat on the studio floor in the cold and used my Mac’s quicktime audio recorder to piece together a work tape to refer back to later. That’s how most of my recordings begin and the polishing process starts.

This week Dan and I have been working on new songs for licensing and use in TV, in particular. I love having clear directives from creative executives and mixing all of that up with new inspiration and ideas I’ve stashed and seeing what comes of it. These latest recordings are mostly hopeful sort of songs. They’re quite piano oriented, with electronic drums, percussion and eclectic synth pads, and I think there’ll be a sprinkling of string parts here and there, too.

The next most important part is the vocals. This pic above is my view from in front of the mic in our home studio. Watching over us there in the background is Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music arts and nature. Man, she must really be having her way with me because a lot of the lyrics I’m drawn to write lately have those themes. I hope she keeps smiling on us! For now, it’s back to the work tapes and rehearsing to the band tracks before final vocals this weekend…

Writing Songs For Film And TV


I’ve been around long enough to see the music industry’s old guard replaced by advertising executives and many of the “rules” of songwriting get re written. The world is ever changing and renewing and I want to grow with it, don’t you?

The music industry which used to be controlled in large part by all powerful label heads has undergone seismic changes in power structure thanks to the online revolution and rise of indie labels, publishers and artists adept at reacting to trends and often outsmarting the old label behemoth. Whereas radio used to be about the only way to expose listeners (i.e.: buyers) to new music we have so many new “music discovery” platforms now. Like You Tube and every tentacled portal of the net, and now more than ever – television. It’s always been music’s promo bedfellow but with the rise of companies specializing in nothing but music and song placement in TV shows, film and advertising and the creativity of music supervisors who wear numerous hats and in some instances are replacing A&R, producers and even managers, it’s a brave new world turning on a phone call and sync to picture that can happen in a matter of days, even hours.

The upshot is a new artist or song pretty much no one’s heard before can suddenly gain traction and visibility. I love to see online chatter where viewers are seeking out that song they heard in a show, like Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home” used recently in ABC’s Resurrection, or even my “Secrets” in the Pretty Little Liars new season promo and “City Of Angels” after it was used in Dance Moms. It proves people are listening and responding emotionally to what they see and hear and are still way interested in new music. And they don’t need a multi million dollar tour concept and corporate sponsor to deem the music worthy of their attention. Good on them.

As I’ve focused on writing for film and TV over the last five years or so the other change I mentioned, to do with songwriting, has really turned my head inside out. I think that’s because I was raised on country music and song craft with its strict adherence to clear story line, ultra personal narrative… and it avoids the abstract like the plague. Those principles still ring true when breaking a great listening single for an artist in that genre but when it comes to film and tv, that’s a whole other deal. Having studied a little screenwriting and written my own pilot I have a lot of empathy for directors and producers and music supervisors looking for the right song to augment the emotional intent of their story. They want emotional but not distracting. They quite often need lyrics that are open to interpretation and able to move well with any number of scenes and characters, like over a montage, for example.

In helping them fulfill this mission my mind has really opened up. I’m not as much of a purist or a snob anymore about what makes a good song. Once upon a time I preferred to spoon feed listeners the facts, determined not to be mis-understood. Now I’m ok with people drawing their own conclusions and interpreting metaphors and imagery in any way they like. Because they will anyway – and more power to them! Now when Dan and I write and produce a song and track, we may have someone’s particular specs and a scene in mind but I know anything can happen and probably will. I actually love being a small part of an astounding creative team of folks I’ll never even meet yet am connected to via script, actors, cinematography, post production and music. In offering up our art to the bigger picture it finds it’s way in the world and a way to live on and makes not just one but a whole lot of dreamer’s dreams come true.