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Would you like to receive the private newsletter I send to friends on my VIP List?

I send it every month or two – with exclusive song downloads, mp3s, insider news from the studio, first look at stories and more. To get on the VIP List, email me at: 

fiona at fiona kernaghan dot com with “VIP List” in the subject line.

I answer all emails personally. I’d love to hear from you– to get to know you, what you like to read and listen to, and where in the world some of my songs and stories have landed.

Thank you for taking an interest in what I’m up to!


Elsewhere online, here’s some stuff of mine you might dig.

The Song Mistress – my blog about songwriting, recording and creative drive.

Create An Enchanted Life – my blog that celebrates Urban Fantasy and Magical Realism in literature, art, film and TV.

Pinterest – my Songwriting And Recording picture board and scrap book.

Reverb Nation – 50% of proceeds from songs purchased through my Reverb Nation music page go to the great charity, CARE.

GoodReads – a place I hang out, grow my reading list and support authors I like.

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