Thanks for visiting my official site, the best place for news about my latest releases, songwriting, recording and other projects. Elsewhere online, here’s some stuff of mine you might dig followed by links to family and friends.

Places ~

The Song Mistress – my blog about songwriting, recording and creative drive.

Create An Enchanted Life – my blog about Magical Realism in literature, art, film and TV.

Pinterest – my Songwriting And Recording picture board and scrap book.

Reverb Nation – 50% of proceeds from songs purchased through my Reverb Nation music page go to the great charity, CARE.

Good Reads – a place I hang out, grow my reading list and support authors I like.

People ~

Daniel Kresco ~ my awesome, talented, wicked sexy, film score mixer husband.

Ray Kernaghan ~  my amazing dad. The guy who, in true Aries fashion, started it all.

Tania Kernaghan ~ my beautiful sister.

Lee Kernaghan ~ my gorgeous brother.

Greg Kernaghan ~ my genius brother who is also an inventor.

Robby X ~ my talented, pop star sister in law.

Maryen Cairns ~ my talented, alternative sister in law.

Kristen Baum ~  a wonderful composer with a penchant for Faeries.

Jim Dooley ~ a wonderful Emmy winning composer. I think of Jim as The Prince Of Malibu . 

Caroline O’Brien ~ SAGe Actor, Writer, Singer, Facilitator, Pun Addict, Believer.

Bevin Hamilton ~ superb actress and American Gothic Rock recording artist and musician.

Todd Herfindal ~ roots rock singer songwriter and all round great hang.

Extreme Music ~ Russell Emanuel’s baby, “rippin’ the production music industry a new one”.

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