Hello and welcome!

I’m fortunate to have written twenty hit singles and had over one hundred cuts worldwide. In addition to working with artists and their producers I specialize in writing and recording original songs for film and TV.

*A lot of my songs, including ones used in TV shows and movies, are available to preview and purchase on Amazon and iTunes worldwide. You can also listen to songs here on my MUSIC page.

*When I’m not writing songs I write screenplays and short stories. My first short story e-book coming soon to Amazon is  “The Voluptas Butterfly”. It’s an unusual, romantic fairytale in the style of spanish Magical Realists.

If you would like to receive free songs, free short stories, and to get brand spankin’ new posts from here in the City Of Angels flying straight to your inbox, just click the “follow” button below or join my newsletter list.

Thanks for stopping by my online home here in this glittering, sprawling metropolis that I love! 


6 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. Suzi K


    Ric and I are moving WEST soon. Finally. We got an offer from a builder to ‘tear down’ our house. now Ric has to negotiate up from their lowball price.

    Ric has his Michael Jackson copyright back and would like to sell his publishing (33.4 % of song). He needs an LA attorney, could you recommend somebody?

    THANK U :)))

    LOVE LOVE your glittering LA LIGHTS wallpaper!

    Love and White Light to you guys,
    xoxo suzi n ric


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